Install of Puppy on a pendrive of 2 Gb without burning Puppy on a CD.

My box: acer aspire 5102wlmi (amd64)
We use the OS linux Debian.
We assume that the pendrive is on /dev/sdb
We have to download:
Lucid Puppy  here: lupu-528.005.iso

Then we mount the file .iso in a directory.
We need of the following packages:  syslinux, lilo, mbr, dosfstools

Insert the pendrive, then write  sudo fdisk -l   then hit Enter
This lists all the partitions of all peripherics of the machine.
We assume that fdisk indicates that the pendrive is on /dev/sdb

Write  sudo  fdisk /dev/sdb   then   Enter
We are going to partition the pendrive.

Write  d   then hit  Enter
We are to remove the partitions present on the pendrive.(resume for each partition)

Write  n  then   hit Enter
We are going to create a new partition. The n° 1.

Write  p  then   hit Enter
Primary partition n° 1.

Hit Enter to choose the first cylinder.
Write +400M to set the size of the partition to 400Mb (Warning if we forget the M, 400 is skipped).

Write  a  then   hit Enter
We make the partition 1 bootable.

Write   t  then   hit Enter
To choose the type of partition.
Code 6 for fat16.
Then we resume n to create the second partition and we allocate to it all the rest of the memory.

Write  w  then   hit Enter
To write the new table of partitions on the disk.

Take care that the partitions are not mounted.
Then write:  sudo  mkfs.vfat -F 16 -n usb  /dev/sdb1
We put a file system fat16 on /dev/sdb1.

Write : sudo  mkfs.ext2  -b  4096 -L casper-rw  /dev/sdb2
To put on the second partition a file system ext2.

Take off the pendrive and insert it again.
with gnome and metacity the two partitions are mounted automaticaly: (we can disable this function:
with system -> controle center)
/dev/sdb1 on /media/usb and /dev/sdb2 on /media/casper-rw.
Otherwise we have to mount /dev/sdb1 with  mount and replace /media/usb by your point of mounting.

Write :  sudo   mount -o loop  lupu-528.005.ISO.iso   /mnt
To mount the image iso of Puppy.

Write   cd   /mnt
To be able to go in the image mounted in /mnt.

Write   cp -rf  *  /media/usb then Enter
we copy le content of the image in the partition 1 of the pendrive

Write  cd   /media/usb/  then hit Enter
Write   sudo  mv isolinux.cfg  syslinux.cfg then hit Enter
Then edit the file syslinux.cfg and remove pmedia=cd

Umount the partitions of the pendrive.
Quit xwindow, then in command ligne:
Write   sudo   syslinux -sf  /dev/sdb1  then hit Enter
Write   sudo lilo  -M  /dev/sdb then hit Enter.(not /dev/sdb1)

Reboot the machine, enter in the BIOS and put USB-HDD  in the head(not USB KEY or USB FDD)
The box would boot Puppy on the pendrive.

Have fun !